What better way to make your event special then using Goldstar for it's special effects

Special effects add flair and excitement to any event. Completely safe sparkles. For that special grand entrance, first dance, first kiss, product launch and grand prize-winner. Great for pictures.

The impact that you will create with this amazing device is phenomenal. It is a no risk effect that allows you to turn any occasion into a spectacular and unforgettable event. All paper products are flameproof and are available in different colours. Streamers and snow fall confetti burst off the cannons with a brilliant eruption of colours. Goldstar added an essential product designed to make any special event spectacular.

Customized Gobo
Add a customized gobo of your name, company logo or a variety of designs to create interesting visuals on walls, floors and backdrops.

Dry Ice effect
Dry ice, it creates a magical effect.

Put scent into your event! Enhance and fill your space with nostalgic aromas, creating an explosion of scent in your next event. We have a variety of scents available: Floral bouquet, Chocolate, Jelly beans, Watermelon mango, bubble gum, champagne, pina colada, and more...